Preserving our vedic system is our first responsibility

How can we see our mother getting killed?

Dilapidated temples and the power within

As Sri Maha Periyavaa’s entire Avataram was primarily dedicated to resurrection and renewing Vedhic way of living, He has repeatedly emphasized how supporting Veda Patasalas constitutes the single most important Dharmic Kaingaryam for all beings because all the great Vaidheekas we are blessed with today had had their origins of training in one of these Vedhic Patasalas.

“Gho Matha is the abode of all Devathas. All gods reside in her. She is Goddess Mahalakshmi. On one hand, we worship cow as a deity. On the other hand, we send her for slaughter. This hypocrisy is a great blemish on all of us. Till such time we do not protect cow’s well until it naturally passes away, we are unfit to call ourselves Hindus." - Mahaswami

Hundreds of temples in South India today are completely dilapidated - negligence and lack of support are the main reasons. They are not just buildings but they are energy center for all of us.

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